Trifecta Health
Counting on Innovation
Trifecta Health
Trifecta Health consists of a group of life sciences professionals that helps escort novel technologies through development to the marketplace.  

1 ~ During due diligence, we offer technology analysis and selection, strategic planning, and identifying funding and partnering sources.  We conduct due diligence that provides insight beyond the numbers.  Our analysis looks into the state of the technology and how the company's development compares to others in the market. 

2 ~ For researchers, we utilize tools that organize, track, and allow secure sharing of protocols and results.  We hear stories of researchers having to re-do studies because the data is lost... we can help reduce those risks whether you collaborate between buildings or around the world.

3 ~ Clinical studies are usually the most expensive part of developing drugs.  But often, CROs have high turnover which results in lack of training, monitoring, and production of remote sites.  Let us monitor your CROs monitors with our over-site monitoring services.  We have experience in the US, Europe, South America, Asia and India.